I have a request for help. I’d like to finish a simple decentralized game I’ve been building but don’t find the time to finish. I’m not really a coder so I’d be slow to finish it anyway, but I know what needs to be done. I will outline what needs…

tl;dr: here’s what I’ve actually coded. It ain’t much but it’s honest work.

In this blog I’ll cover what I’ve coded so far. It really isn’t much but I figure it is worth sharing anyway!

What is SubRogue? ⚔

It is a Roguelike game that connects to a blockchain. The game is only a…

tl,dr: I present an algorithm for generating an infinite dynamic dungeon for a blockchain-connected multi-user Roguelike game.

I’m wouldn’t be surprised if someone else has done this before, but from a quick look I didn’t see anything obvious. In this piece I’ll highlight what I’ve done so far and then…

tl;dr: a simple Rogue-like game that builds on Parity’s Substrate. Here I will outline everything you need to write the game.

In a previous blog I suggested an idea for a simple blockchain that should be more entertaining than a simple card game. …

Edward A Thomson

Blockchain, Gaming, Web 3. (previously: https://web3.foundation)

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