A list of my blockchain writing

Edward A Thomson
4 min readJun 21, 2018


This isn’t a super exciting story but rather a handy way for me to keep track of my blockchain writing.

Twitter: EAThomson

Steemit: edwardthomson

Web3 Foundation

I was a major contributor to the first version of the Web 3 Wiki hosted by W3F, plus their collaboration repo.

Scaling Solution Spreadsheet

The following spreadsheet contains a comparison of various scaling solutions. Most are Ethereum centric, but not all of them. The original data came from the ScalingNOW! workshop that I attended in Barcelona on behalf of W3F.

Blockchain blog posts:

The following list is most of what I’ve written but not quite everything.

My older blog posts were mostly from a financial perspective rather than a technical perspective. It is interesting to re-read these. In the first post the price of Bitcoin was $12 and in a later post the price was $750. FYI, these posts are also preserved in the Internet Archive (Way Back Machine).

Learning about blockchain

I also created a page that that links to many other useful websites to help people start learning about blockchain.

About me

Currently, I work at the Web3 Foundation, covering numerous responsibilities, but mainly security and communications.

One of the main projects of the foundation is the Polkadot network. A next generation blockchain platform. To read more about the innovation that Polkadot is bringing to the blockchain industry I invite you to read the following blog post: [link].

I also set up the first Polkadot fan-site which you can find here: Polkadot Market.

Questions / Comments?

You can create a reply to me here on Medium, or reach out to me on Twitter: @EAThomson.

Personal website: edthomson.com



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