Fork off! Preserving gaming communities with blockchain technology

An in-game screenshot of combat in 9C (see previous blog).

Old World; Old Problems. 👎

There is a long history of players modifying games to suit their own tastes. There are even clone versions of popular games that you can play for free: Open Source Game Clones.

Tweet about a new SWG community server

New World; New Possibilities! 🚀

That’s the old traditional world of online gaming, but how will it be for fully decentralised games?

A screenshot of a large PVP battle in Taurion (image source)


Among the many benefits that I think blockchain technology brings to gaming, this may end up being one of the more important ones. Here is a quick summary of the main points:

Old World

  • Private source code, so must reverse engineer.
  • Private game state, so can’t fork to preserve progress.
  • Closed-source license, so there is a legal risk.

New World

  • Open source, so easy to clone the game code and run a fresh.
  • Public game state, so can fork and preserve progress.
  • Open source software license, so legal risk is minimised.

About me

Currently, I work at the Web3 Foundation (mainly running the grants program). This blog is of a personal nature. It just so happens that my hobby aligns with work.

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