SubRogue: Request for help

What has been done 🔨

I previously wrote a fairly long blog about what has been done, so I will try to keep this part short. Most of what I have done relies upon tutorials and libraries that I can splice together to build what I needed.

  • Simple game logic for moving around a random dungeon (a la Rogue / Diablo)
  • Pull a block hash from a Substrate blockchain to seed the randomness
  • Monsters that follow a simple AI
  • Combat
  • Items Object (not done much here)
Current tech stack

What needs to be done 👨‍🔧

I have to admit that some of the trickiest parts are still to be done; however, I believe I know how they should be implemented.

  • Tx Format: Choose appropriate format for transactions (basically JSON messages).
  • Chain RPCs: Use the Polkascan python library to parse the chain (we want to parse all player moves).
  • Decentralize Combat: Use blockhashes to seed combat. While combat is currently derived from a blockhash, there is no initiation transaction. May need to perform combat from multiple monsters sequentially.
  • Physics Check: Write some logical checks to decide if parsed actions are valid. In the UI, monsters use A* pathfinding, but a simple distance check would be ok for a PoC. Combat should also be checked.
  • Store valid moves: Only store valid actions in a local database.
  • Render valid player moves on-screen (if on map / within player PoV).
The tech stack for a completed Proof-of-Concept.

Bonus Milestones 🚀

There are a couple of bonus pieces of functionality that would be nice to have, but less important.

  • Scalable infinite map (example)
  • Fog of War protection (example, probably a long way away!)

Completion and rewards 💰

I can cover about a month’s worth of work and I’d be surprised if it took much longer for a skilled coder. The plan is of course, for everything to be open sourced. You can leave a private message here, find me on Twitter, or find an email address on my website.

Real Time Gaming

While I believe there are some tricks that can be played with the animation in the game client, I also have an interest in figuring out how to create a fully decentralized real time game. This is separate initiative from the above mentioned Roguelike. Funding is also available via Xaya.

About me🎯

Currently, I am an advisor and consultant to various blockchain / web 3 startups. My biggest interest right now is decentralized gaming. It is in much need for funding and brain power.

Questions / Comments?❓

You can create a reply to me here on Medium, or reach out to me on Twitter: @EAThomson.



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