Summary of the 2018 Fintech-li conference

Event Structure

The morning followed a typical conference format with a series of presentations from various speakers across finance and technology. In the afternoon, the format was that of concurrent workshops. I saw all of the morning talks but only one of the afternoon workshops. For brevity, I’ve omitted most of the talks in this summary.

Morning Presentations

Welcome by Prince Michael

The 4th annual Fintech-li conference was opened with a welcome from Prince Michael.

HSH Prince Michael of Liechtenstein (Source: me)

Building bridges from Liechtenstein to the world — Pablo Coirolo

Pablo was the CEO of Telefonica Data Uruguay, and had worked for Nestle Peru. Now based in Liechtenstein, he is running a business called Light 47.

Four of the leading blockchain jurisdictions (Source: me)

The Liechtenstein Blockchain Act / Trusted Technology Law — Thomas Nägele

The speaker is the managing partner at Nägele Attorneys at Law LLC

Token Container Model of the TTL (Source: me)

Security Tokens — a $10 trillion industry. How it works, what you need to consider — Sascha Ragtschaa

The speaker is the CEO of Own, and has worked for the largest global share registry and transfer agency.

Potentially compelling reasons for disruption (Source: me)

Afternoon Workshops

Workshop — Trusted Technology Law — Thomas Naegele

About me

Currently, I work at the Web3 Foundation, covering numerous responsibilities, but mainly security and communications.

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