The thick and thin of blockchain gaming architectures

  • Decentralised Monolithic
  • Hybrid (centralised and decentralised)
  • Decentralised Layered

Decentralised Tech Stack

Web 3.0 Tech Stack (Image source)

Monolithic — thick blockchain, thin game client

Decentralised Montholithic: all game logic is processed at layer 1


Video of Huntercoin from Day 1 to Day 32.


Games entirely inside a smart contract can still be monolithic.
A cute cat from CryptoKitties (image source)

Hybrid — thin blockchain, thick game client

Hybrid Architecture: off-chain game client and UI is minimally coupled to the blockchain

Enjin-powered games

Age of Rust, an Enjin-powered game (image source)

Hoard-powered games

Plasma Dog: An in-game shot I took while playing.

Layered — thin blockchain, thick game client

Decentralised layered. This time the UI must read the on-chain data to function.


Daniel from Xaya explains their architecture with little bit of the team’s history too
One of my screenshots from playing Taurion last night (currently pre-alpha)


An in-game screenshot of combat in 9C (see previous blog).

Concluding note….

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Blockchain, Gaming, Web 3. (previously:

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Edward A Thomson

Edward A Thomson

Blockchain, Gaming, Web 3. (previously:

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